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Fly Ash Brick - Uni Shape Paver Making Machines Manufacturer

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Fly Ash Brick - Uni Paver Making Machines, Uni Shape Paver Making Machines, Fly Ash Brick Making Plants, Fly Ash Brick Making Machines from Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Fly Ash Bricks, Uni Paver Making Machines
Fly Ash Bricks, Uni Paver Making Machines

Product Name


Cycles / minutes

Production Capacity

Fly ash bricks 9 x 4 x 4 / 3 2 7 6700 bricks / shift
Uni Pavers 2 7 6700 bricks / shift
Interlocking Blocks 1 5 2400 blocks / shift

Technical Specification

Energy Transmission Hydraulic compaction
Energy source Electrical, 3 phase, 440 volts
Electronics control PLC base fully automatic
Motor 7.5 Hp SIMENS make
Hydraulic pressure 25 Ton
Vibrator 0.25
Hydraulic oil tank 150 Liters
Cycle time 7.5 seconds
Stroke per minute 07 Stroke
Cooling Condenser type cooling
Pallet size NA
Number of pallets
Not required
Total labour required
01 Skilled + 04 Unskilled labours
Beneficial Points :

No Pallet Cost

No pallets required for production or transportation of products. Approximately recurring cost of 1000 pallets will be save per year. Manpower cost for pallet handling save.

Multi Product Machine

This machine can manufacture bricks, uni pavers, colour layer pavers, interlocking blocks. This is Best machines for startup plants for manufacturing variety of products.

Low Cost Setup

Cost of plant is comparatively low for new startups

Mold Life

Material for mold is HCHCR D2 having 55 HRC hardness gives 2,50,000 cycles / 5,00,000 bricks* mold of life

Height Maintain Blocks

No separate mold required for 4 inch or 3 inch height. Bricks height can be manintain by using height maintain blocks

Electricity Consumption

Only 14 Kw power required for a plant which is minimum as compare to other plants. 0.02 unit electricity consumption per bricks.

Minimum Labour Required

Fully auto and manual controls are designed to operate by skilled workers. 01 skilled and 04 unskilled labours can manufacture 6700 bricks